Cobbs Creek Utility Corridor

Approximately 470 linear feet of 72-inch diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipe; providing a microwave radio communication system including a monopole tower, equipment shelter, microwave antenna and microwave radio equipment and accessories at the project site and a microwave antenna, microwave radio equipment and accessories at the existing Goochland Fire Company 5 communications tower site; advance blasting of rock in designated areas to facilitate future construction activities by others; construction of a site entrance within the existing VDOT right-of-way on Columbia Road; construction of an access road to facilitate construction and provide permanent site access; installation of electrical service and relocation of existing service; clearing or clearing and grubbing of approximately 90 acres to support the aforementioned work as well as future construction of petroleum distillate pipelines and overhead electric power transmission lines by others; grading and landscaping as shown and specified to provide the site in its final condition, including embankments and construction of a segmental retaining wall system; erosion and sediment control measures for protection of the site throughout construction; and final stabilization of disturbed areas.

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