Chastain Meadows

Thalle rerouted a creek bed and a major sewer line, installed a new earthfill dam, and added streambank improvements and stabilization in order to improve a trouble spot in the stormwater management system of Kennesaw, GA.

Scope items included:
Excavation of existing alluvial soils and foundation preparation with select materials (approximately 15-20 feet below existing grade), construction of an earthfill dam approximately 1100-ft in length by 33-ft in height, 80 LF of quadruple barrel reinforced concrete culvert, 9-ft high, 47-ft x 27-ft drop box outlet control structure with a central 5-feet wide slot extending from the top of the box down to the flow-line of the existing creek, and installation of articulated concrete matting over crest of dam and downstream slope. The Chastain Meadows project was completed in July of 2011.


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