CDF South Landfill Cell 1

The work is the construction of the Central Disposal Facility (CDF) South Landfill Cell 1 that consists of approximately 41 acres. The work includes furnishing all labor, work, materials, safety, equipment, site work, piping, tools, equipment, instrumentation, electrical, start-up, testing, training, transportation, and other operations required for the construction of the Class I landfill bottom liner system including: erosion and sedimentation control, excavation and backfill, environmental cut-off wall, dewatering and recharge, groundwater monitoring wells, piezometers, and gas monitoring probes, geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), geomembrane (primary and secondary), geocomposite (primary and secondary), leachate collection trenches including gravel, pipe, geonet, and geotextile, drainage soil cover, protective soil cover, leachate removal system including piping and pumping system, leachate pumps and electrical system, leachate force main, geosynthetic rain trap, stormwater structures, and sodding.

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