Alley Pond Remediation & Restoration

In October of 2008, Tully Environmental Inc. was awarded the contract to restore the wetlands of the Alley Pond Park property in Douglaston, Queens, New York.
The work included environmental restoration of disturbed upland areas along with the recreation of a marine estuary that, over the years has been filled in and damaged through various uses. The area over the years had become a virtual dumping ground for all types of debris.
Tully removed more than 60,000 cubic yards of regulated [non-hazardous] soils that had been placed or eroded on the site; this included removing old tires and other debris that had been dumped on the site over the years, and, the clearing and grubbing and re-grading of the entire site, replanting of both native marine grasses and upland plantings. The plantings included some 305,000 spartina alterniflora, 796 native deciduous trees, 760 shrubs and re-stabilization of the entire site through upland planting of native grasses and wildflowers.
Tully also restored the wetland areas surrounding the Alley Pond Environmental Center, an educational site used to educate the public and in particular school children on the importance of environmental conservation. The boardwalk area that led out into the estuary on the south side of the park had become overgrown and unusable. Tully cleared the area, restored it to its former beauty and reconstructed a new boardwalk into the estuary.
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